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Programs & Services

our programs

we offer quarterly programs of small staged works, staged plays, and devised cabarets all which intersect fine arts thematically



Between the reflexive contrivances already in the play and its unconventional gallery setting, this production of Lapin Agile takes on, in Menzies' words, a particular "meta" quality, even — or especially — when real life offers an exception to art's commentary on it.


Avista Connection

Every vibrant arts community needs an energetic hub and since Steve Gibbs founded The Art Spirit Gallery (415 Sherman Avenue) in 1997, the contemporary gallery has been a natural dynamo for arts here.


Spokane Talk

Drawn Together Arts questions, “How can we collaborate and intersect as many art forms as possible?”

devised cabaret

a collection of pieces from larger works put together with a plot and character development around a theme 

Liquid Gel

past shows 

see what DTA has done currently

An Artist Salon

Joing us as we invite astists to explore, suggest and inspire conversationa and self discovery on the ART OF THOUGHT. What is it to be an artist in today's culture and community. 


Beginning Wednesday, October 20th and continuing every 3rd ednesday of the month.


This INVITATION ONLY event is a chance for artists and those interested in the art of thought to network and cultivate curiosity.

An Artist Salon is paid in part by Idaho Humanities Council and in collaboration with The Art Spirit Gallery 

what we do

we are a non profit, currently fiscally sponsored by the music conservatory of Coeur d Alene, and function by donation and in collaboration with The Art Spirit Gallery.


We believe the arts thrive in an open and safe collaborative space. We provide a platform for actors and vocalists to question, explore, invent, and inspire others. We collaborate with The Art Spirit Gallery to devise production concepts that work in tandem with what is on display.

professional entertainment

We believe in the asset that the creative economy, and specifically the performing arts, give to our community and strive to give fair compensation to performing arts professionals.


With our audience capacity set between 50- 75 patrons, we create a cabaret setting and also subtract the stage, giving a more personal experience.


Performers facilitate engagement with the audience and along with creative interactive programming we form a memorable, personal experience with patrons that connect them with the Drawn Together brand and The Art Spirit Gallery.


The artistic team works alongside The Art Spirit Gallery to craft Drawn Together’s shows with the gallery’s current showing or their events which offer patrons to both engage and learn about the art on display, history, or The Art Spirit Gallery’s current pieces.

creative placemaking

With our Quarterly production offerings and special events we generate energy and income for downtown business as well as our network of show vendors.

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